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Mise à jour du 1er février 2014



    Notre but étant de vous faire partager notre plaisir de pratiquer les danses country, vous pouvez consulter les chorégraphies des danses en ligne et en couple, apprises en cours, classées par ordre alphabétique (il faut se souvenir du nom ?!...) ou bien par niveau (débutant, avancé ou intermédiaire) en cliquant sur le lien approprié.

   N'hésitez pas, si une erreur s'était glissée, à nous le signaler.

   Bonne danse ! ! !


  DANSES, niveau 1 (débutant - 2 ans)   

NOM de la danse


 Musique proposée

 1976 Mike O'Brien 1976 - Alan Jackson
 2 boysAnim  F. Allemany & J. Castellano  Sailor boy - G. Mc Anthony
 2 Hell and Back  Rob Fowler & Kate Sala  If you're going through Hell - Rodney Atkins
 8 Ball Anim S. Tassari & M. Lebrun Outback booty call - 8 Ball Aitken
American Land Guylaine Bourdages American Land - Bruce Springsteen
 All about tonight  Dan Albro  All about tonight - Blake Shelton
 Bay Aire Shuffle (partner)  Dave Morrow  Boot Scootin'Boogie - Brooks & Dunn
 Beginner Boots  Lisa Firth & Janet Halls  Cowboys boots - Backsliders
 (A) Better Way  Gilles Cyr  A Better Way - The Mavericks
  Beautiful Day                 Gaye Teather   A beautiful Day - Dave Sheriff
 (A) Beautiful Girl  Kirsi-Marja Vinberg   I don't get better than this -Rodney Crowell
  Blue Mercury  Robert Lindsay   Mercury Blues - Alan Jackson
 Boot Scootin'Boogie  Bill Bader  Boot Scootin' Boogie - Brooks and Dunn
 Boys will be boys Gaye Teather That don't make me a bad guy - Toby Keith
 Broken Heart  Leo Bomen  My next broken heart - Brooks & Dunn
 Cabo San Lucas  Rep Ghazali  Cabo San Lucas - Toby Keith
 CMR Rah Rumba  Stella Wilden  Twa Pinas Coladas - Garth Brooks
 Cajun Melody (partner)  Linda Sansoucy  Louisiana Melody - David Ball
 Chattahoochee  Jean S. Kotcha  Chattahoochee - Alan Jackson
 Cheyenne  Inconnu  Betty has got a bass boat - Pam Tillis
 Cheeseburger (partner)  Sheila Bernstein   Buck's Polka - Buck Owen
 Colorado Girl Dan Albro Colorado Girl - The High Rollers
 Contra Waltz  Irene Groundwater  Amanda - Don Williams
 Copperhead Road  Inconnu  Copperhead Road - Steve Earle
 Inconnu  Cotton Eye Joe - Rednex
 Country As Can Be Suzanne WILSON Country as a Boy can be - Brady Seals
 Country Walkin'  Teree Desaro  Must have had a Ball - Alan Jackson
 Cowboy Boogie  Inconnu  Man, I feel like a woman - Shania Twain
 Cowboy Cha Cha  Inconnu  Smokey Places - Ronnie Mc Dowell
 Cowboy Charleston  Inconnu  Cowboy Sweetheart  - Lee Ann Rimes
 Cowboy Madison  David Linger  Poor girl love bad boys - Marie Chapin Carpenter
 Cowgirl Twist  Bill Bader  What cowgirls do - Vince Gill
 Cucarracha  H. & M. Dahl  All you ever do is bring me down - The Mavericks
 Curtsy Cross (contra)  Jim Vivis  You better think twice - Vince Gill
 Cut a Rug  Jo & Rita Thompson  Roll back the rug - Scooter Lee
 Dancin' Cowboy (partner mixer)  Inconnu  On my radio - The Woolpackers 
 Darlin' (partner) Linda Sansoucy Darlin - Johnny Reid
 D.H.S.S.  Gaye Teather  A word of blue - Dwight Yoakam
 Diamonds make Babies  P. Metelnick & A. Biggs Diamonds make Babies - Dierks Bentley
 Do the line dance  Bornita & Borne  Come Do the line dance - Will Tura
 Duchess  Inconnu  Livin'on love - Alan Jackson
 Easy comme Easy go  Debby Moore  Any man of mine - Shania Twain
 Easy money  Annie Corthesy Easy money - Brad Paisley
 El Paso (partner)  Inconnu  Neon moon - Brooks & Dunn
 Electric Slide  Inconnu  Janie baker 's love - Shenandoah
 Everybody knows Jane Thorpe Everybody knows - Dixie Chicks
 Flobie Slide  Flo Cook  I'm holdin'on to love - Shania Twain
 Foxy Girl  Frank Trace  Bad bad girl - The Derailers
 Go cat go Gaye Teather Please Mama Please - Go Cat Go
 God Bless Texas  Shirley K. Batson  God bless Texas - Little Texas

 Good Time (danse de la vidéo) 

 Jenny  Cain  Good Time - Alan Jackson
Helluva Polka Kathy Hunyadi Hey Baby - Marty Stuart
 Honky Tonk  Inconnu  I'm gonna live - Billy Ray Cyrus
 Honky Tonk Stomp  Inconnu  Honky tonk man - Dwight Yoakam
 Hot Tamales  Vicky Vance - Johnson  Cherokee Boogie - BR5-49
Hurricane (T & G) Sal Gonzalez Hurricane - Carlene Carter
 Jailhouse Creole  Double Trouble  Jailhouse Creole - Billy Swan
 Jambalaya (partner)  Peter Metelnick  Jambalaya - Eddy Raven & Jo-El Sonnier
 Jenny Lee  Franck Trace  Jenny Lee - Jason Allen
 Just a minute  E. Ainsworth & L.  irks  Wait a minute - Sarah Evans
 Just dance (take a chance)      Kathy Verkamp  Why don't just we dance - Josh Turner
 I 4 C Fun Push  H. O'Maley & F. Fowler  Yodelin' blues - Skip Ewing
 Jingle Bell Rock  Inconnu  Jingle Bell Rock - Randy Travis
 Joana  Xose Massoti  Come early morning - Don Williams
 Just Chillaxin   Pascal Dhorne  Chillaxin - Craig Campbell
 Kantlou's Land  Valérie Duhazé  Valley of Kantlou's Land - Sabrina

 Key lime pie for two (partner)

 Ms Allie Key lime pie - Kenny Chesney
 Kiss me now  Anna Balaguer  Album number two - Joey & Rory
 K Step Boogie Jo Thompson & Michele Burton Honky tonk boots - Sammy Kershaw
 Lindi Shuffle Jane Smee Dance - Twister Alley
 Little Rumba Donna Laurin Like she's not yours - Bellamy Brothers
 Little wagon wheel Gaye Teather Wagon Whell - Nathan Carter
 La Chapelloise (partner)  Inconnu Tell me Ma - ShamRock
 Lover Please come back (partner)  Bobby Houle  Lover please come back - Wench Hartman & Billy Swan
Love's gonna make it Dan Albro Love's gonna make it alright - George Strait
 Love Trick   Rachael McEnaney  What's not to love - Tricky Pony
 Makin' Tracks  Jo Thompson  Baby please come home - Scooter Lee
Marti Anna Balaguer Paint the town tonight - Jimmy Buckley
Nomes Per Tu Amics Del Country S&S Italian line dance Crowd - George McAntony
 One O One (101)  Peter Metelnick  That's what I get - BR5-49
 Okechobee Shuffle  Susan Brooks  Time Marches On - Tracy Lawrence
 P 3 Gabi Ibanez Take it or brake it - Wilson Fairchild
 Patty Cake Polka (partner)  D. & G. Matteis  Sunday drive - Alabama
 Pick a ball  Inconnu  Pick a ball of cotton - John Littleton
 Rainy Night  David Sickles  I love a rainy night - Eddy Rabbitt
 Rawhide  Val Pinion  Big Heart - Rodney Crowel
 Rodeo Blues  Kate Sala  Sea of cowboy hats - Chely Wright
 Rumba Stroll (partner)  Diane Jackson  If love was a river - Alan Jackson
Sag drag and Fall  Franck Trace Wastin time with you - Carlene Carter

Seminole Scuffle (partner)

 Butch Walker  Seminole Wind - John Anderson
 Seminole Wind  Inconnu  Seminole Wind - John Anderson
 Sixteen Steps (partner)  Inconnu  She's gone country - Alan Jackson
 Ski Bumpus (Black Velvet)  Linda De Ford  Who's cheatin' who - Alan Jackson
Slap & Stomp Séverine Fillion Hollywood - Aaron Watson
 Slappin' leather  Gayle Brandon  Redneck girl - Bellamy brothers
Slipped & Fell Rob Fowler I Slipped and fell in love - Alan Jackson
 Some beach  H. Born & N. Lindley  Some Beach - Black Shelton
 Stroll Along Cha Cha  The Rodeo Cowboys  I just want to dance with you - George Strait
Stupidville Audrey Watson After all - Joni Harms
 Sway (partner)  Inconnu  Stand by your man - Tammy Wynett
 Tall Tee  Thom. E. Branton  Tall, tall, trees - Alan Jackson
 Ten step (partner)  Inconnu  Heart of mine - Ricky Van Shelton
 David Pytka  Tennessee River Run - Darryl Worley
 Texas Waltz (partner)  Inconnu  Here's A Quarter - Travis Tritt
Thanks a lot Georges Fournier Thanks a lot - Robert Mizzell
 This and that  Gary Lafferty  Woman - Mark Chesnutt
 Tush Push  Jim Ferrazzano  Every little thing - Mary Chapin Carpenter
 Vine in the round (circle)  Inconnu  Walk softly on this... - Kentucky Headhunters
 Wanderer (contra)  June Wilson  The Wanderer - Eddie Rabbit
 Wayfaring Stranger  Joyce Nicholas  Wayfaring Stranger - Neco Case
 Western Barn Dance (partner)  D. Matteis & G. Owsley  Down on the corner - Dwight Yoakam
Where I belong Maggie Gallagher That's where I belong - Alan Jackson
 Within Easy Reach  Rob Fowler  Husbands and wives - Brooks & Dunn
 Wrong night  Rita M. Kyle  Who's cheatin who - Alan Jackson
 Yee Haw  Robbie Halvorson  Yee Haw - Jack Owen
 Zatchu  B. Web & P.  laskowski  King of the Road - Randy Travis



DANSES, niveau 2 (+ 1 an à 3 ans)


NOM de la danse


Musique proposée

 Addicted to love  Max Perry  Addicted to love - Kimber Klayton
 Alligator Rock

Berkshire C.L. Dancers

 Corine, Corinna - Asleep as the Wheel
All You need Robbie McGohan Hickie All you really need is love - Brad Paisley
 As Good As  H. Born & N. Lindley  I ain't as good as I once was - Toby Keith
 Badonkadonk  Hot Pepper  Big Love - Tracy Bird
Bandido's Last Ride Gaye Teather Bandido's Last Ride
 Big One ( partner)      Gilles Labrecque  Big One - George Strait
 Pierre Mercier  One night at a time - George Stait
 Bop the B  K. Brown & L. Bowers  Memphis Tennessee - Sammy KershawHead Sopu
 Bread and Butter  Roz Morgan  Shortenin' Bread - The Tractors
 Bud Wiser  Robbie Mc Gowan Hickie  Make her fall In love with me - George Strait
 Butter Beans  Christopher Petre  Head South - Neal Mc Coy
 C.C.S.  T. Davis & J. Hammer  Third Rate Romance - Sammy Kershaw
 Cajun Slap  Inconnu  Twist and Shot - Mary Chapin Carpenter
 Cannibal Stomp  Lisa Frith  Cannibals - Mark Knopfler
Catahoula Hazel Pace Catahoula - Bellamy Brothers
 Celebrity  David Pitka  Easy Money - Brad Paisley
 Celtic Connection
 H. O Malley, L. Clarke,
M. Gallagher & P. Metelnic
 Rock on - Coyote Dax
 Coastin  Ray & Tina Yeoman  Lord of the Dance - Ronan Hardiman
 Cockadoodle  Kate Sala & Daan Geelen  She rules the Roots - Leland Martin
Colorado Girls (partner) Dan Albro Coloroda Girl - The High Rollers
 Come dance with me  Jo Thompson  Come dance with me - Nancy Hays
 Cooler online                 David Feltell  Online - Brad Paisley
 Country Two Step  Masters In Line  I just want my baby back - Jerry Killgore
 Cotton Pickin' Morning     Steve Mason  Cotton Pickin' Morning - Blake Shelton

 Cowboy Shuffle (partner)    

 David Babcock  Cadillac Tears - Kevin Denney
 East Bound & Down  Kathy Hunyadi  East bound and down - Jerry Reed
 Elvis Tonight (partner)  D. Girard & J. Godin  Elvis Tonight - Jason Allen
 Ghost Train  Kathy Hunyadi  Baby likes to rock it - The Tractors
 Gotta keep praying  Yvonne Van Baalen  Till the answer comes - Paul Overstreet
 Grundy Gallop  Jenny Rockett  Sold - John Montgomery
 Hearts & Flowers  Adrian Krum  Hearts & flowers - Dave Sheriff
 Heave Away  Gerard Murphy  Heave Away - The Fables
 Home to Louisiana     Gilles Labrecque  Home to Louisiana - Ann Tayler
 Hooked on country  Jim Ferrazzano  Hooked on country - Atlanta Pop Orchestra
 Irish Stew  Lois Lightfoot  Iris Stew - Sham Rock
Jacket Joe  Ester & Jose Trapper Jacket Joe - George Mc Antony
 Jambalaya (line)  Ian St Leon  Jambalaya - Eddy Raven
 Just Le doux It  K. Gurdjian  Good Ride Cowboy - Garth Brooks
 Just a Minute  E. Ainsworth & L. Birks  Wait a minute - Sara Evans
Kiss me now (partner mixer)  Anna Ballaguer Album n° 2 - Joe & Rory
 Long long way (partner)  D.J. Dan & Wynette Miller  Long long way - Alan Jackson
 Mambo Shuffle  J.W. Grimes  Un momento Alla - Rick Trevino
 Mexico Shuffle (partner)      Linda Sansoucy  I've in Mexico - Blaine Larsen
 Mexican Vacation  Nathalie Pelletier  Mexican Vacation - J.C. Harrisson
My Dear Juliet Pilar Perez Solera My Dear Juliet - George McAnthony
 (A) New Wind (partner)  Sue Halliday  Somebody like you - Keith Urban
 Old country shuffle (partner)  L. & C. Chester  Designated drinker - A. Jackson
 One more midnight  Maggie Gallagher  One more midnight - Hal Ketchum
 Original Mexican Vacation (partner)  Nathalie Pelletier  Mexican Vacation - J.C. Harrisson
 Red Hot Rock'N Roller  Gaye Teather  Red Hot Rock'n Roller - Dave Sheriff
 Red Hot Salsa (line)  Christina Browne  Red Hot Salsa - Dave Sheriff
Roll in the hay  Annie Corthesy Roll in the hay - Don Derby
 Rhythm Valley  Annie Castellano  I get so Rattled - Jill Morris
 Rita's Waltz  Jo Thompson  Stars over Texas - Tracy Lawrence
 Rockin'  Anita McNab  Rockin' Pneumonia - Ronnie McDowell
 Rockin' With the Rhythm  Rob Fowler  Rocking with the rhythm of the rain - The Judds
 Skater Shuffle (partner)  Hot Pepper  Big Blue Note - Toby Keith
 Speak to the Sky  Keith Davies  Speak to the Sky - Brendon Walmsley
 Sweet Caballero  Linda Sansoucy  Ay Yi Yi Yi - Joni Harms
 Sweetheart scottishe (partner)   Inconnu  Man in the moon - Patty Loveless
 Tailgate  Dan Albro  Tailgate - Neal Mc Coy
Telepathy Chris Hodgson You can't read my mind - Toby Keith
 Ten Rounds  Nancy A. Morgan  10 rounds with José Cuervo - Tracy Byrd
 The Outback  Gordon Elliot  I'm a Member of the Outback Club - Lee Kernhagan
 The Trail  Judy Mac Donald  Trail of tears - Billy Ray Cirus
  This Old Boy   Kathy Hunyadi   This Ole Boy - Craig Morgan
 Toes  Rachel McEnaney  Toes - Zac Brown Band
 Trailerhood  Pierre Lejeune  Trailerhood - Toby Keith
 Wanna Be Elvis  Robbie McGowan Hickie  Elvis Tonight - Jason Allen
 Wild Stallion  "Hillbilly Rick"  Ghots riders in the sky - Mariotti Brothers
 Wishfull Thinking  Jim O'Neill  Loving all night - Rodney Crowell
White rose Gaye Taether White rose - Toby Keith



DANSES, niveau 3 (plus de 3 ans)


NOM de la danse
Musique proposée
 Melanie Greenwood
 Achy Breaky Heart - Billy Ray Cyrus
 Denise Boyle
 Love You too much - Brady Seals
 Naomi Fleewood-Pyle
 All Shook Up - Billy Joel
 Carly Dimond
 Bare Essentials - Lee Kernaghan
 Christine Bass
 Beer for my horses - T. Keith & W. Nelson
 Bill "Peanut" Rice
 Born to Boogie - Hank Williams Jr
 Ami Walker
 Catch All the Fish - Brad Paisley
 Celtic Kittens
 Maggie Gallagher
 Celtic Kittens - Ronan Hardiman
 Country Roads
 Kate Sala
 Country Roads - Hermes House Band
 Patricia Chaudot
 I don't know - Hank Williams III
 G. Dubé & E. Bourgault
 Diesel Driving Daddy - A. & D. Watson
 Hot Pepper
 Dixie Rose Deluxe's - Trent Willmon
E. L. T.  Danny Leclerc Every little thing - Carlene Carter
 Michelle Chandonnet
 Fais Do do - Charlie Daniel's Band
For neige Jaume Saez (The Dreamers) Saturday night - Heidi Hauge
Freight train partner Chris & Treiv (UK) Let it roll, let it rock - Mel Mc Daniel
 Galway Girls   
 Chris Hodgson (UK)
 The Galway Girl - Sharon Shanon & Steve Earle
 M. Chandonnet & M. Archambault
  1, 2, 3 - Ann Tayler
 Ghost Riders     
 Eddie Stanley
 Riders in the Sky - Mariotti Brothers
 Go Mama Go
 Kate Sala & Robbie Mc Gohan Hickie
 Let Your Momma Go - Ann Tayler
 Adriano Castagnoli
 Joy's gonna come int the morning - Samaritans
 Honky Tonk Honk   
 Pepper Sequieros
 Honk If you Honky tonk - George Strait
 Honky Tonk Twist
 Max Perry
 Honky Tonk Twist - Scooter Lee
I Ain't No Quitter Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs I ain't no quitter - Shania Twain
 Karen Jones
 Islands in the Stream - D. Parton & K. Rogers
Knee Deep Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs Knee Deep - Zac Brown Band
 D. Bailey & L. Williams
 Let's get drunk... - Toby Keith
 Neil Hale
 Linda Lu - Ricky Van Shelton
Little White ChurchAnim Nathalie Di Vito Little White Church -  Little Big Town
Lost in meAnim David Villelas Little wagon  wheel - Nathan Carter
 Rachael McEnaney
 Make this Day - Zac Brown Band
 Daren "Daz" Bailey
 Mary Mary - Zac Brown Band
Maverockin Gaye Teather As long as there's loving ... - The Mavericks
Messed up in Memphis Dee Musk Messed up in Memphis - Darryl Worley
Mexi Fest Kate Sala Back in Your arms again - The Mavericks
Open heart Cowboy  Sandrine Tassinary & Magali Lebrun Little yellow blanket - Dean Brody 
 Dynamic Dot
 Pizziricco - The Mavericks
 The Travellers
 Red Staggerwing - M. Knopfler & E. Harris
 Judy Mac Donald
 Redneck Woman - Gretchen Wilson
 Rhyme Or Reason
 Rachael McEnaney
 It Happens - Sugarland
 Tell me the truth - Rodney Crowell
 Joe Lozano
 Marty Stuart visits the Moon - Marty Stuart
 Rodeo Princess (partner)
 Jo Thompson
 Down in the valley - Little Texas
 Maggie Gallagher
 Rub It In - Jeff Bates
Skiffle Time Darren Bailey Mama don't allow - The Jive Aces
 Villeneuve & Leonard
 Some Beach - Blake Shelton
DJ Dan & W. Miller 
 Stop the world - Dwight Yoakam
 Sugar and Pai             
 Kelli Haugen
 Sugar and Pai - The Boots Band
Talk is Cheap Séverine Fillion Talk is Cheap - Alan Jackson
 The World
Maggie Gallagher
 The World - Brad Paisley
Truck a truck Six de Luxe A girl who loves to truck - The Road Hammers
Whiskey instead of wine Vikki Morris Weed instead of roses - Ashley Monroe
 Joyce Warren
  Whiskey under the bridge - Brooks & Dunn
 Yvonne Anderson
 Would you go with me - Josh Turner 
 Pamela Thérrien
 Your man - Josh Turner


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